The tasks
The tasks and responsibilities:

There will be 5 transnational project meetings which are a strategic mechanism for evaluation and monitoring the project activities by its character of face-to-face meetings, giving more formality to the project, as well as obtaining a serious commitment from the partners.

With CEDES we propose Learning, Teaching and Training Activities – LTTA to be developed in the 7 partner countries, with the flowing objectives:

strengthen knowledge and good practices, fostering the participants’ skills in a circular economy

reinforce training LTTA by adding the direct observation of real cases of companies that work in the CE vision

give to the participants and stakeholders interested in a practice tool for promoting the CE vision through the One Stop Shop in CE

step up contact with the entrepreneurship sector, through learning visits, analyzing the development models adopted by successful entrepreneurs with a circular added value and the impact in their communities

This will be possible thanks to the companies support, who will provide their facilities for developing this activity

CEDES through 7 training activities on the circular economy and 5 transnational meetings will produce as main results “One Stop Shop for Circular Economy” and “The Guidance Document on Best Practices in CE”.

Kick-off meeting in Berlin

At the beginning of the project, it means one month before the LTTA C1, for a general management and logistics coordination.


General coordination of the project and presentation of the project teamwork, generation of feedback among partners and exchange of criteria and suggestions regarding CEDES.


  • CEDES Work Plan detailed explanation. Partners presentation.
  • general coordination of project activity LTT1 to be developed and contents.
  • distribution of tasks and responsibilities among partners.
  • Coordination of Dissemination plan and activities.
  • evaluation of TM and signing of the meeting report.

The explanation:

TM – Transnational Meeting

C – Learning, Teaching and Training Activities